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5 Organic DIY Hair Recipes to Nourish Your Curls At Home

Natural Hair Organic DIY Recipes To Try 

At a time where some common resources aren’t so common, it’s necessary to know how to maneuver when you may not have access to the products you love. With it being Earth Day and we’re still having to social distance — why not highlight some hair products you can mix and whip together from your kitchen (or close to it)? Right now is the perfect time to try new things and experiment with an organic hair recipe. Hopefully, you’ll find one that your hair loves!

Hair Growth Conditioner

woman washing hair
Photo Credit: Naptural85

If you’re looking for a mixture that helps your hair to grow, here you go! Created by Whitney White (Naptural85), this DIY hair growth conditioner is perfect for strengthening and helps support natural hair growth. Get them inches, girl!

Ingredients you’ll need: banana, avocado, fenugreek powder, and aloe vera juice

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Moisturizing Deep Conditioner for Dry Hair

short natural hair, washngo
Photo Credit: Lovette Jallow

Dealing with dry hair? Try this moisturizing deep conditioner created by Lovette Jallow, perfect for type 4 hair types or types that can’t seem to catch moisture no matter what you try to put on it. Your hair will bounce like better than before!

Ingredients you’ll need: Raw Shea Butter, coconut oil, organic honey, virgin olive oil, castor oil, eucalyptus oil, coconut milk, and any conditioner.

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Shea Butter and Flaxseed Curling Custard

Curling cream
Photo Credit: Bri Hall

Want your twist-outs or Wash and Go’s to be poppin’? Try making this Shea Butter and Flaxseed Curling custard, created by Bri Hall! Giving you juicy, well-defined, and yummy-looking curls!

Ingredients you’ll need: unrefined Shea Butter, pure mango butter, flaxseed, and a natural preservative!

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Egg Mask for Damaged Hair

woman, pouting, natural hair
Photo Credit: Blessed Queens

Tired of your curls looking sad and lifeless? Try to bring the bounce back to your mane by making a DIY Egg Mask! It’s super simple yet super effective! See how it’s whipped together by Transitioning Oums.

Ingredients you’ll need: eggs, mayonnaise, and olive oil.

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Hot Oil Treatment for Dry Hair

Woman with hot oil treatment
Photo Credit: Shanique Buntyn

We all know dryness can be a pain to deal with. When our hair gets to crispy, a hot oil treatment will do just the trick Try this recipe mixed up by Shanique Buntyn at home and see how your curls love it! This treatment will help to soften your hair, minimize frizz and seals in moisture.

Ingredients you’ll need: coconut oil, grapeseed oil, peppermint oil, olive oil,

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We hope that you’ll try these and love the results that you’ll get!

Recommended Hair Care Products for DIY Hair Recipes

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel
Why We Love It
A key ingredient that helps to keep your curls full of life and MOISTURE – aloe vera gel is a secret gem for natural hair! This one in particular, is all-natural and slightly thinner for an excellent daily treatment on face, skin & hair.


100% Pure & Natural Grapeseed Oil

Organic Grapeseed Oil

Why We Love It
This multipurpose, 100% pure and natural premium grapeseed oil works as a natural sealant to hold moisture in your hair. It can be used for many hair recipes that help with moisture! Also great for aromatherapy, massages, and moisturizing skin.


Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Lavender

Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Why We Love It
This pure Jamaican black Castor Oil with lavender is a natural oil used in many DIY hair treatments. Use this oil to promote hair growth on edges, brows and lashes. 


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