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Must-Have Natural Hair Tools To Add to your Arsenal

As you go along your natural hair journey, you’ll come to find and discover certain hair hacks that will make your hair doing process much, much easier. For instance, it’s wash day — as a naturalista,  you already know that washing/deep conditioning your hair alone is going to take some time to accomplish, along with styling for the week. Now, in this case, the hacks that’ll help are having the right natural hair tools to get the job done. If you don’t have the needed natural hair tools to make this task a little easier for you then you’re going to find yourself spending more time than necessary, and who wants that?! Trust us, if you add these natural hair tools into your arsenal — watch how much easier your hair process goes. 

If you’ve been in the natural hair game for some time, then these may already be in your possession, but for the people who may need a little guidance — this will be for you!


Spray bottle.

For all the high porosity gals, you’re welcome! If you find your hair soaking up water as you’re nowhere near the end of your process, keep a spray bottle on hand at all times! Give your hair a spritz of water when needed, or mix some leave-in and water if you need to refresh your curls.


Detangling brush.

What your curls will need during the detangling process. Sure you could use a comb, but a brush will definitely cut some of that time down while doing a big job!


Thermal cap.

This will come in handy when you’re deep conditioning. Just pop it in the microwave, then put right over your hair! Super simple and easy to use.


Bobby pins.

Listen, you can never have enough bobby pins! Especially when they tend to go missing into thin air (lol) — they’ll be a lifesaver when needed and when they’re least expected.

Wide-tooth comb.

These are one of those tools that you don’t even think about, you know you’re going to use it on the regular. They help with detangling without causing breakage, along with navigating your hair without raking at your strands.


Hair Clips.

There are a variety of hair clips to use with your natural hair; whether they’re croc clips, claw clips, or banana clips, you can try them all to figure which type you like best to help keep your hair sectioned off and keep your hair doing process simple!


We hope these tools will help you as you further your natural journey — feel free to check out the recommended products below to see some more tools that you should definitely have!


Recommended Hair Care Tools That Naturals Should Have

Rat Tail Comb

Why We Love It
A natural hair staple that helps to get those parts just right, get the baby hairs laid and can even aid you with taking out hair ties. 



Why We Love It
Having a nice pair of shears around doesn’t hurt. Easily able to trim any ends or flyaways to get your hairstyle perfect!


Perm Rods
Why We Love It
Feeling like switching up the hair? Perm rods will do just that! Get cute, bouncy curls that will last you throughout the week, where you can transform them to different styles as well. 




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