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Must-Follow Pinterest Boards That Cater To Natural Hair 

Pinterest is usually a one-stop-shop for inspiration. Whether it’s fashion, makeup, nails or even recipes — Pinterest is the place to collect your visions and bring them to life! Especially as a natural gal, there may come times when you’ll need some assistance to get ideas and tips for your hair because let us be real, most times we tend to lose motivation to deal with our curls. So to help you combat your creative hair block, we’ve found five natural hair Pinterest boards that you must follow! 

Kinky Hair Rocks

Woman with Kinky natural hair

This board is all about sharing tips/tutorials along with bomb products to help grow and style your natural hair! 

Click here to check it out.


Natural Hair Mag 

woman with natural hair afro

Natural Hair Mag is all for natural hair inspiration that shows different natural hairstyles to wear. So if you’re in need of a style in a quick moment, this is your one-stop shop!

Click here to check it out.



black woman with natural curly hair
Photo via @somahriah

This versatile natural hair board is dedicated to celebrating all things natural hair while inspiring the beauty of it! 

Click here to check it out! 


Curly Girl Swag

black girl with short blond curly hair

Curly Girl Swag gives great recommendations on quality natural hair tools, products and tips to help keep your natural hair at its best! Having trouble figuring out what hair dryer to buy for your type of hair? This board will help you out plus answer any other questions you may be having!

Click here to check it out.


The Beauty of Natural Hair

black woman with medium length curly hair

This board shows the versatility of natural hair types and how to rock your hair no matter the type!

Click here to check it out.

You can’t go wrong with following these Pinterest boards. They’re bound to assist you the next time you find yourself wondering about how to help your natural hair that you won’t have to look anywhere else!

Recommended Hair Care Products for Celebrating Your Natural Hair

Black woman smiling, wearing hair bella cap
Why We Love It
This satin-lined hair product helps to protect your hair from humidity, drizzle and downpour! Perfect for if you’re needing to run out of the house while it’s raining.


creme of nature edge control

Why We Love It
Infused with Argan Oil for excellent shine, this edge control will help lay your edges, tame flyaways and aid to creating sleek-sexy styles. 


100% extra virgin coconut oil
Why We Love It
A much-needed dose of hydration for added hair health.


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