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Helpful Tips To Ease The Stresses of Graying Tresses

As age sneaks up on you (like literally, where does the time go?!), so does all the characteristics of getting older — including gray hair. Now, don’t look at gray hair as a sign of age, sure you could always color it to make yourself feel young again, but think it more so as a cool new color you can now rock with confidence! With the graying of hair, also comes new responsibilities on how to take care of it because it won’t be as it was before you have this newfound cool hair. Now there’s less elasticity, moisture, and overall hair health to consider. If you’ve found yourself needing help on how to keep up this new life change, check out these five tips to maintain your gray hair!

Provide your hair with more shine.

As your hair begins to age with you, it tends to lose the shine as well — now that doesn’t mean you can’t gain it back. The key? Vitamin E. By adding any kind of Vitamin E oil or serum to your strands, you’re bound to have the shine that’s been lacking!


Avoid harsh products.

It’ll be super easy to weigh your hair down and dry your hair out if you aren’t watching what all you put on it. Try to move away from the shampoos/chemical products that leave your hair dry or even mineral oil which can weigh your hair down super easily and make it super difficult for any moisture to reach and penetrate your strands.


Up your moisture intake!

If you weren’t too keen on keeping up with moisturizing your hair before gray hair appeared, now’s the time to get on it! Be consistent with using daily moisturizers and to seal your ends with oil to lock that moisture in. To up your moisture game, try to deep condition your hair about once a week and see how much of a game-changer that is for you!


Be gentle with your strands.

Try not to use too much heat or do too much with your hair as with gray hair, your hair strands are more prone to breakage due to less elasticity and strength. To help strengthen them a bit, throw in protein treatments every month or two.


Keep your body healthy so your hair will be also!

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This is a no-brainer, but if you’re good to your body by eating healthy & taking nutrients, drinking lots of water and exercising — then the results will not only show on your body but on your hair as well.

Recommended Hair Care Products to help Care for Your Gray Hair

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