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Black woman with natural hair for Summer

Helpful Tips To Keep Your Natural Hair Protected In The Summer Heat. 

Ahh, summertime. Where the nights get longer, the air gets warmer and sun gets HOTTER! We don’t want to let the summer be the reason your natural hair starts to get difficult, so we’re here to tell you four ways you can maintain your natural hair this season.

Protect your hair while you swim.

Black woman swimming under water

With how hot it is going to be this summer, staying out of the swimming pool probably isn’t an option. So to keep your hair safe from the chlorine, of course, opt for the swimming cap but make sure to apply and coat your hair with oil prior to swimming to keep the chlorine from stripping your hair altogether. Also after swimming, immediately wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo or a co-wash to rid your hair of chlorine!


LOC in the moisture!

liquid oil cream moisture

Being in the sun will surely cause the moisture to be stripped out, so the best way to combat this is to use the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method to keep your hair constantly moisturized throughout the day.


Drink lots of water.

water pouring into glass

This should be a no-brainer, but it’s a must that you increase your water intake during the summer because if your body is dehydrated then, of course, your hair will be as well. So, don’t skip out on drinking that water or eating foods that hold water, this summer!


Use a leave-in with an SPF.

Brocato Holdon Styling Gel

Now, if this is your first time learning that there are leave-in conditioners that contain SPF — you’re probably not alone! Sun protection doesn’t just stop at your skin, protect your hair and scalp as well. Preventing your hair to get dry and brittle, along with helping your skin not dry out and get flaky because who has time for dandruff this summer? Not us! If you want to find some leave-ins with spf for natural hair, read here.


Recommended Hair Care Products for At Home Hair Care Maintenance

Aloe Vera
Why We Love It
A key ingredient that helps to keep your curls full of life and MOISTURE – aloe vera gel is a secret gem for natural hair! This one in particular, is all-natural and slightly thinner for an excellent daily treatment on face, skin & hair.


Mielle Rosemary growth oil

Why We Love It
This organic hair oil from Mielle will help you achieve longer, stronger, healthier hair.


Why We Love It
A much-needed dose of hydration for added hair health.


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