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5 Steps To Maintain Your Box Braids

Let Your Braids Stay Fly And Fresh With These Tips

As we enter into protective style season, braids are the most popular go-to for keeping our hair very protected and very fly. The purpose of this style is to make things easier on us and not think much when it comes to having to do our hair, and often times we may go awhile without thinking about maintaining our braids. We want you to get the most use and styles out of your braids, so here are five ways to care for your braids! 

Maintain a Healthy Scalp

Woman moisturizing scalp

Having a dry scalp while wearing braids isn’t what you want because it’ll only cause more irritation than you’d want! About once a week, apply any oil or product dedicated to your scalp to help keep your scalp happy while wearing braids.


Wash your braids.

Try using a dry shampoo or scalp cleanser to keep your braids looking nice and fresh! And you shouldn’t wash as much as you feel if you want them to stay fresh.


Tend to your edges.

Black girl, yellow eyeshadow, box braids

Our edges are precious, so it’s imperative that we don’t neglect them while wearing braids because if we aren’t careful, our edges will disappear as quick as a snap. At night/when you wake up, apply JBCO or any oil of your choice to keep them moisturized and healthy, also apply edge control or a non-drying gel to tame them. Your edges will thank you!


Tie your hair up at night.

If you want to maintain longevity with your braids and not have them look fuzzy quickly, be sure to tie your braids up when you sleep. Preferably with a satin scarf to keep the moisture in.


Re-do the edges/nape.

Teaira Walker Box Braids

As time goes on, braids do grow out and the new growth game will be strong. To keep your hairstyle longer, get the edges/nape area re-done and it’ll look as if you have brand new braids all over again.

Braids are truly the best and these tips are sure to help you maintain your style and get the most out of this style!


Recommended Hair Care Products for Braid Maintenance

Girl + Hair Shampoo

Girl + Hair Under Haircare Cleanser
Why We Love It
Perfect for keeping your braids and scalp clean and fresh, with ease! Gentle highly concentrated cleanser with easy applicator tip to deliver ultimate moisture to thirsty hair follicles. Did we mention cruelty-free and free of harsh chemicals. Rest assured your scalp is in good hands Sis!


CHI Tea Tree Oil Soothing Scalp Spray

Chi Tea Tree Oil

Why We Love It

It’s a flexible styling hairspray with lightweight control to provide an ultra-smooth hold that seals out humidity and eliminates frizz and flyaways from any style, creating a sleek, smooth finish that lasts all day!


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