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Helpful Hair Tips To Alleviate Natural Hair Breakage & Complications

In our lifetime, hair is one of our features that tends to go through changes right along with us. As black women, we deal with many hair issues that range from normal to severe — whether it’s breakage, damage, or hair loss, we’re bound (or not if you’re lucky) to come across these issues at some point. When these issues do arise, we understand the feeling of panicking or not feeling the best. We want you to feel hopeful, so here are six tips for dealing with hair damage, breakage, or loss!

We also want to note that these tips are in no way a for sure method to end these hair issues. If you find yourself in a severe case, please consult with a hair expert or doctor for what is best for you.

Pay attention to what you’re putting onto your hair.

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If you’ve found that you’re having hair issues after incorporating a new hair product or trying a new style — monitor if that could be what’s causing your hair to not be the same. There could be an ingredient that your hair may not agree with or could be too strong for you. As with hairstyles, if you tried a new style that may have added some stress to your hair or has your hair not cooperating the same as before, let’s not try that style again, sis!


Take a break from heat.

Heat is a huge cause of damage to hair. If you’re a person who loves to add heat towards their hair often, take a break for some months or even a year and see how much healthier your can get! Sure it’ll be challenging but your hair will truly thank you.


Incorporate natural oils/essentials & vitamins.

Natural vitamins

Adding vitamins to your diet or putting in natural herbs and oils to your hair, could benefit and ease the issue at hand. If you’re unsure of the cause as to why your hair may be lessening, damaged, or breaking off — there may be something your hair isn’t receiving, so you can’t go wrong with using natural elements!


Deep condition more often.

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With hair breakage, adding more moisture to your strands can be a way to ease the issue. Using moisture-rich deep conditioners and leaving it on for a longer period of time to help penetrate your stands along with doing this for your hair more often could help to see a decrease in breakage over time.


Increase exercise and healthy eating.

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Stress is one of the main causes of hair loss and how you can gain control over your stress is to incorporate exercise on top of healthy eating to make your mood much better. Whether it’s adding yoga and meditation or a simple workout routine from Youtube into your exercise regiment, it’s bound to make a difference with lowering your stress levels. Along with eating more nutrient-rich foods, adding more protein, fruits and vegetables can help your stress which will overall provide better health from the inside and start to show through your hair. Stress may not be completely avoidable, yet living a healthier lifestyle can still address the issue at hand.

Give your ends some love.

Black woman trimming ends

Neglecting your ends will surely cause your hair to break off and overall weaken your hair state. Getting rid of those bad ends is bound to help, whether it’s a small notice or highly significant.

Recommended Hair Care Products To Promote Healthy Hair

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