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4 Ways To Add Flair To Your Natural Hair

Fun DIY Natural Hairstyles To Add Some Flair

Dealing with your hair on a day-to-day basis can start to be a chore. After a while, you may start to think that shaving your hair may not sound like such a bad idea?! Well sis, before you start going around making hasty decisions, try some of these ideas to replenish your mane love!


Temporary Hair Color

black woman, natural hair, temporary hair dye
Photo Credit: @lovelyoverdose

Add a splash or allover! The choice is truly yours. You may want to experiment with a vibrant hair color to give you a look like no other. The best thing about it, it’s not (too) messy and comes out super easily.

Brands to try: Hair Paint Wax, Crown Paint Colors


Hair Jewels

hair jewels upside back of head
Photo Credit: Ashley Blaine

Cute hair accessories will definitely come through for giving your hair extra pizzaz. There’s so many to choose from: chunky clips, golden hair cuffs, pendant rings — it’s all up to you! Whether you add them into your curls, braids, or a simple ponytail, hair jewels are the perfect addition to spruce up your hairstyle. It makes hair things more fun and dainty.✨


Head Wraps

natural hair, headwrap turban style

Now if you’re completely done with looking and touching your hair altogether, throw it into a head wrap! They come in many colors and patterns, head wraps are the perfect solution to hiding your current hair situation completely and can give you a break in the meantime, while you figure out what you want to do next.


Natural Hair Clip-Ins

before and after of natural clip ins
Photo Credit: Msnaturally Mary

You’d be surprised at how useful and clutch natural hair clip-ins are! They’re super versatile and are very low-maintenance. You can do so many styles with minimal hair out or leave all your hair out and give your hair some volume! There are no limits when it comes to clip-ins and that could be just the fix you need to add some hair flair.

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What are some tricks you like to do when you get bored with your hair? Let us know!

Recommended Hair Flair Items

Stylish Bobby Pins

DIY Flair natural hairstyles, clip ins

rhinestone decorated bobby pins
Why We Love It
Trust us, this is one of the ‘oomphs’ you’re looking for. Use them for a cute up-do or with a ponytail, these bobby pins will surely switch the style up.


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