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4 Useful Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Stylist

Finding the right hairstylist that fits your needs can be a bit tedious — hence why so many of us like to stay with the same person for such a long time because much like any other relationship, it’s hard to start over! Even if you move to a new city; when you feel like taking care of your hair becomes too much to handle, it’s nothing to take that trip back to where your favorite stylist is located so they can continue to work their magic. Well sis, if you’re needing some help to find a new stylist to save yourself that trip back and to give yourself some options — here are four easy steps toward helping you pick the right hairstylist!


Ask around.

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Ask your friends and associates whose hair you know stays slayed (very important) and see who their hairstylist is. More than likely, they’ll even give a discount because you were referred to them.


Check out their current work/clientele.

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The next step can happen once you ask around for suggestions, or even by checking local hashtags on social media. This is your chance to take a peek at the work and see if they know their way around your kind of style and hair type. You can also check out their clientele to make sure they’re versatile and not just only specialized in one category. Not only does that save you time searching for certain stylists to do certain styles but that’s also less work you have to keep searching for!


Be specific with your preference.

You’re going to want to make sure your salon experience works for you, here’s where you need to have your preferences set so you that you’re able to receive the service you’re looking for. Is there a specific area you’d want your hairstylist to be in so that you don’t have to drive far to get to them? Do you mind their late policy? Is there wifi available so you can do your work while getting your hair done if need be? Be specific!


Have a budget.

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Now, for this step, you’re going to be super realistic. Know the price range that you’d be willing to spend and see if the stylist you’re thinking about going for fits within that range. You want to be sure that you’re able to afford to go to this person regularly (or however often you’d want to get your hair done) without continuously breaking the bank.



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