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3 DIY Hair Tips To Help Ditch the Dry Scalp  

Have you found your scalp to be often irritated and dry and not sure of the reason? There are many reasons and factors as to why your scalp tends to get more dry than usual or that it gets dry at all — climate changes, the products you put into your hair, a skin disorder, or even your diet. It tends to get difficult to manage and keep under control, but If you find yourself with this issue, there are many ways that you can ease it — here are four easy steps that you can take to help get rid of your scalp. 


Use more moisture-rich shampoos.

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If you love using shampoos with chemicals in them, your scalp is more prone to be dried out by your the healthy oils and proteins being stripped. By using shampoos with moisture, it’s less harsh on your scalp and gives your hair a moisture boost while cleansing your strands. A true win-win!


Try incorporating different oils.

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There are many oils that you can use that’ll easily ease your dry scalp. Tea tree oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that can ease and soothe a dry scalp. Jojoba oil is very similar to natural sebum for your scalp, which can replenish moisture to your scalp. If you want, you could even mix these two oils to create a special oil to give your scalp even more of a soothing moisture boost!


Add in apple cider vinegar to your hair regimen.

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Apple cider vinegar is a very helpful solution for your dry scalp to help keep it healthy and moisturized. Whether you decide to mix it water and spray the solution on to your scalp directly or do an ACV rinse, either way, helps to moisturize your scalp and make your hair feel much softer.  


Try these ways to help ease your dry scalp and notice how much better your scalp feels. Trust us, your scalp with be sure to thank you!


Recommended Hair Care Products for Easing A Dry Scalp

bottle of apple cider vinegar

Why We Love It
With having natural cleansing properties, perform an ACV rinse or add to spray bottle with water to spray onto your hair. 


bottle of CHI tea tree oil

Why We Love It
An invigorating spray to help soothe your scalp in between washes. Also helps to ease irritation.  


SheaMoisture extra virgin coconut oil
Why We Love It
A much-needed dose of vitamins and minerals for added hair health.



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