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5 Natural Hairstyle Ideas For Date Night 

Getting ready for date nights (or girl’s nights) is for sure a top-five fun experience, not only are you getting cute for your date/night out; but putting on your favorite music to set the ambiance for the night, beating your face, sipping wine to get a little litty — you truly know the vibes! You do all of this until you may find ourselves faced with an issue, your hair

You may not want to try the same style you always go-to, switching it up isn’t a bad idea (although it’s not advised to try out a new style the day of 😕), then you may not have any idea on what to do with your hair at al! Well, if you’re wanting to try some new styles out, whether it’s to a lounge or simply a fun Zoom date — here are five cute natural hairstyles to wear for a night out!


Cute & Easy Up-Do

cute and easy updo, natural hair

You can never go wrong with an up-do! Check out this tutorial that’s perfect type 4 hair by Aisha Beau.

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Curls For The Girls

Black woman with natural curls

Take your stretched hair to the next level with some curls! TJluvsbeingnatural can show you how to get them just right for your night out.

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A Night Out on The Town with Half-up, Half-Down

Black woman with hair half up, half down

Keep it simple with this half-up, half-down hairstyle by CurlieCrys! Doesn’t take much time and leaves your more time for looking just right your big night 😉 .

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Have Fun With  A Bun

Black girl with natural updo bun

Another easy style that you can do that requires a few steps! Watch how LifeWithSaf pulls it all together. 

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Faux Tapered Cut

Woman with natural fauhawk

If you want to take your hairstyle up a notch, you’re going to love this tutorial by Msnaturally Mary! Perfect for 4B-4C hair.

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Recommended Hair Care Products for Styling Natural Hair For Date Night

design essentials hair serum

Why We Love It
This lightweight heat protectant and strengthening serum provides immense protection against permanent curl elongation often associated with thermal straightening, while sealing the cuticle, locking moisture into the hair, and emitting a radiant shine when blow-drying, flat-ironing, or using hot styling tools.


letter bobby pins for hair - gold

Why We Love It
Give your hair some flair with these cute, fashionable hair pins! Bound to let your hair do all the talking and be a great conversation starter. 


Hair Elastics
Why We Love It
You can never have too many hair ties!



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